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Miu Miu Grey Tote

Family: Varnau Treated Our Son Like County residents Steve and Rebecca Adamson started the petition March 1 after their son Zachary Adamson died from a gunshot wound to the head in January.

Miu Miu Grey Tote

"It is clearly not well suited to best practices, Kessler said. practices, however, are not what this case is about. This case is also not about whether Brown County citizens are being well served or poorly served by the coroner, or the sheriff. That is a question for the ballot box, not for the court."

In a lawsuit filed in February, Jones Jr. sister Donna Elfers and his daughter Angela Brown Prada Duffle Bag Nylon

Miu Miu Grey Tote

hope through this case to encourage the coroner to stop using Brown County deaths as a pawn in her political feud with the sheriff, Gerhardstein said. County residents deserve fair and thorough death scene investigations and deserve to have their deceased loved ones treated with dignity and respect. told WCPO the sheriff office was with her for the death scene investigation and the lawsuit claims are false.

Miu Miu Grey Tote

Gerhardstein, who represents Elfers and Brown, said Varnau actions stemmed from a political feud with the sheriff office.

The feud between Varnau and the sheriff office began making waves in December 2013, when Varnau called Prada Card Holder Womens

Jones Jr. died in his home on Aug. 7 from a gunshot wound to the head.

Judge John Kessler ruled Monday the case against Dr. Judith Varnau should be dismissed because plaintiffs failed to prove there was sufficient reason to remove her from office.

The Adamsons, who are represented by attorney Tracy Hawkins, created a Facebook page in March to spread information about the petition. The two said Varnau fumbled their son death investigation.

"I don think she doing her job Miu Miu Grey Tote as coroner." Hawkins said in April. "You get one chance to get it right. If you don start that process and do it right from the minute you arrive, there no going back and families will never have answers. That unacceptable."

RELATED: Family sues Brown County CoronerKessler ruling states that while Varnau actions in Zachary case may amount to neglect, they are not grounds for her firing.

"Nobody stopped and said, let find out what happened here. They didn do that," Steve Adamson said in Aprl. "They treated him like they were taking out the trash. They didn care enough about him to do an investigation to see what happened to our boy."

her job for the time being despite a push for her removal from more than 2,000 county residents.

Lawsuit: Varnau Left Behind Man Skull

Varnau ruled Zachary death a suicide, but his parents said they have doubts their son pulled the trigger.

Miu Miu Grey Tote

Miu Miu Grey Tote

court finds that (Varnau failures do not sufficiently make out clear and convincing evidence of gross neglect. of a gravity and frequency amounting to an endangerment or threat to the public welfare, Kessler said.

Miu Miu Grey Tote

part about not coordinating is very much not accurate because they were there when I got to the scene, Varnau said. am trying to work with (the sheriff office). I am really trying to work with them. Feud Brews After Inmate Death

Varnau is accused of abusing Jones Jr. remains and improperly managing his death scene.

During the hearings, plaintiffs also presented the cases of Hanson E. Jones, Jr.

the death of an inmate at the Brown County Adult Detention Center a homicide.

GEORGETOWN, Ohio Brown County coroner will keep Prada Bags Cahier

Elfers and Brown also accused Varnau of not completing a investigation and abandoning several large pieces of Jones Jr. skull scattered throughout his home.

claimed Varnau failed to coordinate with the sheriff office when she took charge of Jones Jr. death scene.

Miu Miu Grey Tote

When she asked Varnau what to do with her brother skull pieces, Elfers was told to bury them under a tree, the lawsuit states.

Miu Miu Grey Tote

Miu Miu Grey Tote

´╗┐judge allows Brown County coroner to keep her job

family will never know if Hanson Jones was murdered or committed suicide, attorney Al Gerhardstein said earlier this year. do know that his remains were disrespected. to the lawsuit, Jones Jr. home was left unlocked when Varnau allegedly abandoned a shotgun believed to be used in his death, several shotgun shells, gloves, toe tags and other items.

Elfers arrived at her brother home in shock and found the items, the lawsuit states.

Kessler added that while disagreements between Varnau and the Brown County Sheriff Office are "cumbersome, inefficient, ineffectual and unnecessary, they are within Varnau discretion.

Miu Miu Grey Tote

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