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this location. But with the impending Highway 178 widening project, which is currently in the environmental phase, this location is proposed to have limited turning movements and the traffic signal would not be needed.

Q: Earlier this year, residents in the Mountain Meadows area learned the city has cancelled plans to install a promised traffic light to reduce the danger when turning from Highway 184 to westbound Highway 178. News reports told us that instead of a traffic light at that intersection, Highway 184 would be realigned to intersect with 178 at Canteria Drive at City in the Hills, where there is an existing traffic light.

The new ball diamonds are not in the way of the alignment of Bedford Green, and in fact the ball diamond parking lot was planned around and will Miu Miu Sunglasses Purple be accessed from Bedford Green.

Q: Who is responsible for the upkeep of the stagnant ditch on the west side of Manor Street between the street and the bike path/San Miguel Commemorative Grove? There are some great palm trees that need to be trimmed up and there is trash and dead vegetation everywhere.

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With the completion of this connection, left turns out of Highway 184 to westbound Highway 178 will be prohibited and instead traffic will be directed down Bedford Green to make the left turn onto westbound 178 at the existing signalized intersection.

Q: A year ago you reported the new section of Woodmere Drive between Ashe Road and Stine Road would be open in mid April 2010. Still not open. Do you have a new estimate of the opening date?

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What resulted was an agreement that Bedford Green would be built now, with the developer building most of the road, the city building a portion of the road as well as the storm drainage system, the school district would agree to defer some of the perimeter roads around its campus (which allows the developer to instead construct Bedford Green now), and Caltrans agreed to make some alterations to 184 needed for this street connection.

At the same time, staff from the city, Caltrans, the Bakersfield City School District and the developer of the area west of the new ball diamonds (between Highways 178 and 184) met to discuss the possible early construction of Bedford Green. Bedford Green is the north south trending street between Highways 178 and 184 that will align with the existing signalized intersection at Canteria/178.

the same time, construction has been ongoing to construct a new baseball park at 178 and Canteria Drive, with a parking lot right on the spot where I would have expected the new road alignment to be built.

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With the design and budgeting process Caltrans must go through to construct a signal, it deduced it would only be in operation for a year or two before it was removed.

Caltrans did consider installing a signal at Prada Cosmetic Bag

This section of Woodmere Drive has not been dedicated to the city and is part of an overall development that has not been completed as of this date. Once this street has been dedicated to the city and all work is done to current standards, Woodmere Prada Handbag Saffiano

Storm drainage and rough grading work for Bedford Green has been completed, and final grading for the roadway and modifications to the traffic signal will be under way shortly. Initial work will be at the north end of Bedford Green near the new parking lot, followed shortly by the extension of the road south to Highway 184.

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A: It's the city of Bakersfield's responsibility but that area and its vegetation is supposed to be left in its natural state, said Darin Budak, assistant director of the Bakersfield Recreation and Parks Department. As for the trash, Budak said staffing cuts mean areas like this don't get cleaned up as frequently as they used to but he'll ask staff to go out there and take a look at what should be done.

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This intersection is a junction of two state routes, Highways 178 and 184, so any improvements are a state Department of Transportation (Caltrans) matter and responsibility. So while the city has previously pursued with Caltrans to install a traffic signal at this location, the city itself never had a proposed project to install a traffic signal at this location and so did not cancel this traffic signal project.

will be opened to the public. We expect this work to be done in the next few weeks; however, we have not been given a date as to when this will occur.

A: Rick Millwee, construction superintendent for the Bakersfield Public Works Department, caught us up:

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´╗┐How will the intersection of 178 and 184 be

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